Maningue Ket

by Laka Laka

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Super Total 03:36
Super Total You are so beautiful, You are so nice, You are so pretty and inspiring, You always know how to behave. Tu es Super Model, Super Total You are intelligent and so smart. Tu es Super Model, Super Total How come the beauty of you? Tu es Super Model, Super Total So much joy when you are my toy. Tu es Super Model, Super Total You are like a cold drink with ice. Extraordinary, interdisciplinary, you are so ridiculous. Tu es Super Model, Super Total. I imagine you and me, there is nobody else. Don´t wanna see a soul around. Turn out the light, feel you by my side, Together we´ll shake the ground- Make earth trembling, chill out with wine, The rest of the time we have a big smile. The rest of the time we have a big smile. Uuuuh, you´re doing it again. To es Super Model, Super Total.
Baby, let´s get out of here. There are too many lies, no reason to stay here.
O Inferno 02:25
O Inferno There is no heaven there´s no hell. Only the one we are living in And I know it so well. Hell is just another place to be Where you hang out For the deeds you do in your life. So most of the days I find myself. If I´m not in heaven I´m in hell. The most enjoyable things Are sins anyway. Makes me wanna go to hell. It´s down the corner I think you know it aswell. Hell is just another place to be Where you hang out For the deeds you do in your life. Hell is the corner bar in center of town. Painted in yellow and never let´s you out Till the morning comes….
Rua Carlos 01:04
Corte final 10:10
Maningue Ket 05:19
Eu estou maningue ket. Maningue speed, levei demais. Agora tu es a princesa para mim. Agora que estou beef te vejo assim. Não importe o que dizem Os que estão luzidos demais. O que importe é o que te digo, agora que estou ket. Antes ainda luzido Tambem te ví assim. Agora peço mais uma, quero te ver bonita para mim.
Man that simple Forward day by day Trying the easy way To the promised land With nothing in his hands But irie kalli sweet love. Love is what he has got. Love is what he seeks. Love is what it´s got to be. Te juro, juro. You are pure high. I´m always looking for you. You lighted me up. Then you turned me into blue. I´ve got nothing in my hands Than irie kalli sweet love.
Não se vai embora Me deixar sozinho. Porque o que quero É ficar muito pertinho. Do seu coração, Do seu coração. Me deixar sozinho, Vai embora não. Me deixar sozinho Que aflição.
Nuts 04:24
This is vampire land. The bloodsuckers fly all day and night. They take away The minds and the hearts of my closest fellows. Lou is a dancer. But she doesn´t dance for me. What a shame. Tell me who´s to blame.
Music: Roland Pickl


recorded 2009 in Vilankulo, Maningue Ket means "voll zua" in german and in english "super stoned"


released December 20, 2009

Roland Pickl Mudungaze: Guitar, Drums, voice and other stuff, Aniceto Simbire: Bass and Voice, Marcelina Laka: Voice, Nazir Cabin: Voice, J.J. Mendes: Voice, B.B.Bong: Drums, Sonia Macute, Lizzie Xikute e Raul Bloco: qualquer outra porcaria


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Laka Laka Inhambane, Mozambique

from Inhambane, Mozambique, Blues, Rock ´n´Roll & Reggae, ao vivo o estrago total

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